Re: java-gnome vs gtkmm ??

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 22:33 +0800, 刘锦标 wrote:
> hello,I want to study java-gnome,but I have some puzzled problems.
> is java-gnome superior to gtkmm in performance?
> And can anyone help me compare their advantage and disadvantage
> (including their performance)among java-gnome ,swing and swt?

Since gtkmm is a C++ library, and java-gnome is a java library, so I
doubt you can compare them directly.  java-gnome's performance, since
it's really a binding to a native C library, is as good as any other gtk
binding.  I would expect performance to be identical.

What you use depends on what you want to do.  If you want portability at
all costs, stick with Swing.  If you want a good native-looking gui on
all platforms, use SWT.  If you simply want to write gnome/gtk programs
for linux and unix, use Java-gnome. Java-gnome and SWT both feel faster
than Swing.  If you want to use swing but have a native look and feel on
all platforms, check out SwingWT, which is an implementation of swing (a
very nice framework) on top of SWT, which gives you native components.

I highly recommend that you separate the GUI part of your program from
the backend, business logic part.  That way you can put any gui you want
on the top of it, whether it's SWT, Swing, or Java-gnome.  One size
never fits all and this gives you flexibility to use the right UI
toolkit for whatever job you have.

> please help !

All we can do is say go try them out and see if they fit your needs.

> Thank you very much ?
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