Having problems installing glib-2.4.0

Ok I'm trying to setup this dvd deal xine and one of the frontends. The xine lib installs fine (to my knowledge the make process goes o.k.), I'm trying to install gtk+ (newer versions) so that I may make the frontend. I'm trying to get pango and the other dependencies to make but I'm having problems. I thought I just needed to ./configure, make, make install in the glib-2.4.0 directory that I unpacked? I'm guessing there is a bit more to it? The make process and everything goes fine. But there is no "glib 2.4" directory in /usr/lib. Isn't that where it is suppose to install it? Pango says it can't find its dependencies either... I'm guessing glib is one of them... Anyway guidance would be much appreciated.

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