Window focus grab problem with Tooltips and Menus (gtk+ in Window s XP)

I'm having a problem in Windows XP with (gtk+ 2.4.9) gtk-win32-aio-2.4-rc17
and up (through gtk+ 2.4.13) from When a tooltip
or menu pops up from my main window, the underlying GTK window pops up above
the main GTK window that the tooltip or menu originated from.
A good example of this problem is when using Glade (but also occurs in apps
I create):

1) Move the main project window to a position overlapping the properties
2) Mouse over one of the buttons
3) When the tooltip is triggered, the properties window comes above the main

I have tried using gtk window groups and several other things and can't get
rid of the problem.  I first noticed this at work, and then went home
(Windows XP) and tried it with the same result, so surely I'm not the only
one experiencing this bug. I am currently using (gtk+ 2.4.7)
gtk-win32-aio-2.4-rc16 without this problem. Should I enter some sort of bug

Thank you for any help,
Ben Brandt

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