Re: Is there a way to access to the GtkFileChooser's file list ??

Thanks for your fast answer. 
Ok, I will report a bug on Gtk+ for this... But, are you sure there is no way 
to put a signal and a callback on the file list ? For instance, can we have 
the "button-press-event" signal on this widget ? 
I tried to do what you told me on my treeview to set up the DnD. However, it 
doesn't work. Is what I wrote correct ? 
static GtkTargetEntry target_source[] = { 
  { "treeviewdnd", GTK_TARGET_SAME_WIDGET, 0 } 
static GtkTargetEntry target_destination[] = { 
  { "treeviewdnd", GTK_TARGET_SAME_WIDGET, 1 }, 
  { "text/x-uri-list", GTK_TARGET_SAME_APP, 2 } 
GDK_BUTTON1_MASK, target_source, sizeof(target_source) / 
sizeof(GtkTargetEntry), GDK_ACTION_MOVE); 
target_destination, sizeof(target_destination) / sizeof(GtkTargetEntry), 
The other target is for an intern Dnd. 
Did I write/understand it wrong ? If so, please tell me what I should write 
and what you mean by "just add the "text/x-uri-list" target to your 
Thanks for advance ! 

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