Re: gtk_timeout_add

Hi Zbigniew

It's not clear, what you want to do. I guess it's the "common problem" to
keep the GUI up to date from a complex callback.

1. If you are using Gtk+ >= 2.x use g_idle_* or g_timeout_*.

2. Neither "idle" nor "timeout" uses threads. They "attach" their funtions
   to the main loop. When processing returns to the main loop it checks,
   which funtion to execute next, depending on their "priority". So if
   Gtk+ is processing a complex function, your timeout won't get called.

The easiest way to keep the GUI up to date are some

while / if( gtk_events_pending () )
	gtk_main_iteration ();

in your callback.

For threads look into GDK API docs -> Threads. Use the latest 2.x API
docs. The funtions didn't change from 1.x -> 2.x, but the current
documentation includes a nice example.



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