RefDbg - A GObject refcount debugger

I just recently released the first version of RefDbg
( a GObject refcount debugger. I was wondering
where the best places to announce this and/or get linked from would be?

Some information on RefDbg:
RefDbg uses LD_PRELOAD to override GObject reference count related
functions (so applications don't need to be re-compiled to be debugged).
Features include: an interactive readline enabled shell that can be run
from within a GDB session; flexible criteria for displaying, setting
break points, and logging refcount activity; display of active/destroyed
objects and their current refcounts; a refcount timer to track object
refcount changes over time (very useful for tracking down refcount
leaks, postive or negative); stack back traces and built in help.

As many of you know, reference count related bugs can be very hard to
track down. I'm interested in feedback on this program and would like to
make sure that whoever could benefit from this tool will be able to know
of its existence. Therefore any information on the best places to get
this tool linked from would be most useful. Cheers!
	Josh Green

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