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Alle 02:58, mercoledý 10 marzo 2004, msevior physics unimelb edu au ha 
> What we're doing here is working out how to marry the features of
> WordProcessors and Spreadsheets with the requirements of Data intensive
> programs to produce something better than what has been done before.

Fine! I will appreciate it!

> > AbiWord: I have never seen it working on my machines, so.... :-(
> I don't think that someone who has never even seen our projects has the
> right to tell people in GNOME-Office what to do.

It was not in my intention to tell you (or enybody else) what you should/ought 
do. Anyway, it is clear that the end-user (or end-programmer) opinion is not 
high in your priority list. I will keep myself for bothering you again.

BTW: I _know_ GTK, Gnome and Gnome Office quite well. I even use them on my 
machines, both as a desktop/office suite and as a development platform. I 
greatly appreciate them. That is the motivation that keeps me here following 
this thread. 

I just was unable to see AbiWord install (from the_original_ RPMs) and run on 
my machines (please note the plural: it refers to many attempts made on MDK, 
RH and a few other distros). This happened in the summer 2003. Maybe now 
AbiWord installs and runs smoothly but in the meantime I was _forced_ to pass 
to KOffice and OpenOffice so I cannot appreciate it. Not your (GTK) fault, 
not my fault, not distro's fault. Just a technical problem that keeps me from 
being able to express any meaningful opinion on AbiWord.

> Yeah, like the K-company would be interested in supporting GNOME
> technology :-)
> It's hard enough trying to marry projects which use GTK!

Not all the mentioned projects were Qt-based and, in any case, not all the 
_concepts_ used by them are Qt-specific. Many of those people works on more 
than one platform and often choose the right platform for the job at hand. 
Maybe, they could consider GTK the right platform for developing a 
data-centric toolkit. There is no reason to think that GTK would not appeal 

> Still nothing wrong with stealing code (if it's GPL) and ideas (unless
> their patented).

You have got the point.

See you.
Alessandro Bottoni and Silvana Di Martino
alessandrobottoni interfree it
silvanadimartino tin it

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