Re: [pygtk] comparision bet pygtk & other pyGUI

Alle 08:31, luned́ 1 marzo 2004, Somesh Bartakke ha scritto:
> can you tell mw comparision points bet pygtk annd other gui tools ?
> wxPython, PyQt and Tkinter ???

wxPython is based on wxWindows that, in turn, is based on GTK (on Linux) and 
on MFC (on Win32). This forces you and your end-user to install GTK (or MFC) 
+ wxWindows + wxPython. This means to have many dependencies (any of which 
can create a small/big installation problem) and a long/problematic download 
(if you do not have this stuff on your CD-ROMs).

PyQT is based on Qt that is free (like a beer) on Linux only. If you have to 
distribute a Win32 and/or a McOS version you have to buy a (quite expensive) 
license of the Qt Libraries for these platforms. Despite this, it is the more 
sophisticated, the easier to use and the better documented GUI library 

TKInter is quite poor and forces the developer to re-create a few widgets that 
are common in other libraries (trees, grids and so on). The resulting GUI is 
usually quite ugly. Despite this, TKinter is always available and free (like 
a beer).

PyGTK is available for many platforms (see for the details) and is 
always free (as a beer). On Linux, it is included in a few distributions 
(Mandrake, for example), so you just have to hit a single big button to 
install it. PyGTK is quite easy to learn and use. It can create a nice and 
sophisticated GUI with trees, grids, wizards and so on (in particular if you 
can use GTK+2.X on the platforms you want to support).

See you 
Alessandro Bottoni

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