Building shared libraries under cygwin


I'm trying to build GTK+2.4.3, Pango 1.4, GLib 2.4.2 and ATK 1.6.0 under Cygwin, and it's not going completely right. It seems that not all shared libraries are build correctly.

1. I managed to get ATK to build correctly with shared libraries, but: I had to modify atk/ to add a $(srcdir) in front of the atk.def file (otherwise it didn't build in a vpath).
2. GLib builds correctly as far as I can tell.
3. Pango doesn't build all the shared libraries correctly. I'm trying to build this under an X11 environment, and for example pangoxft doesn't build as a shared library due to missing symbols. Presumable this needs a separate 'pangoxft.def' file? From the compilation output I know that there are a (small) number of other shared liraries that also fail to build due to missing/undefined symbols.

Are there any fixes to pango to get it to build the shared libraries correctly?

Kind regards, Maarten

ps. In case this is fixed in CVS, are there any snapshots available? On my system (cygwin) I can't go through the autoconf stuff because packages like jade/openjade are not available...

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