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"LOLY SEOANE" <LOLYSEOANE telefonica net> writes:

> I'm porting and aplication from Windows to Linux.  I 've created the
> windows for my computer using tables, but when I use this program in
> other computer with different font, the text of the buttons and
> labels doesn't fit inside them.

The layout is probably some sort of fixed size?

> Which is the best type of container to adapt the size of the widgets
> to the size of the font?

All the standard GTK+ containers will adapt to the size of the font.
You won't go wrong with GtkTable, GtkHBox, GtkVBox etc.  For buttons,
GtkHButtonBox and GtkVButtonBox are also very useful.  As long as you
don't use GtkFixed, you won't have problems.

Roger Leigh

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