New file chooser and keyboard accelerators...

Okay, I'm on the bleeding edge now with evolution 1.5 and galeon 1.3.15,
and have been exposed to the new gtk 2.4 file chooser. I hope not to be
beating a dead horse here, as this might be a contraversial topic,
but I do have some constructive criticism for it:

1. there is no apparent way to being typing in a file/directory name and
have the widget jump to select a file/directory matching the name.

I'll contrast this with previous gtk file chooser behavior (I say previous
based on how it worked in galeon 1.3.14- even though on my box it is linked
against the same version of the gtk library; I presume that file chooser is
now [unfortunately] deprecated):

	In galeon 1.3.14, the file chooser lets me start typing in a file
	name and hit tab to filter the directory and file list to only show
	entries matching what I have typed. I can use fileglobs like "*" and
	they work just like in bash. If I have typed an unambiguous file
	name, the file is selected, if it's a directory, the widget 
	changes to that directory. This is a relatively recent addition and,
	IMHO, quite operable and handy. Also note that I can conveniently
	paste the contents of the X clipboard or X selection into the
	location field and I don't have to type or point and click anythin
	more except the OK button.

	In galeon 1.3.15 and evolution 1.5 (using the new file chooser),
	I can't (or at least can't figure out how to) do any of the things
	that are so useful above.

I would at least like to see the ability for me to start typing in the
file list and have the selection jump to matches. To be honest, though,
this would still be a big step backwards from the operability gains I
have described above, and I'm not sure how those could be addressed within
the new file chooser without re-adding the manual-entry location box. For
example, if the new chooser started allowing filtering, how do I know/edit
what I've typed to filter? If it allowed me to cut and paste from 
X clipboard/selection, how do I know where to paste?

Anyway, I hope someone finds this report helpful. I'll add a bug to bugzilla
if that's the appropriate course of action.


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