window extents

Hello all,
           I've only just come across this list, so
you'll have to forgive me if my post is not really
relevant here.

I'm trying to align two GTK windows on the screen. To
do this, I've used gtk_window_move(). My problem is
that in order to align windows I need to account for
the window manager decorations.
gdk_window_get_frame_extents() appears to be what I'm
after but I can't get it to work reliably.

What I have found, is that if I call it after
gtk_main(), it does work reliably but obviously that's
not a lot of use to me in positioning the windows. So,
the question is, what signal or event needs to have
happened for gdk_window_get_frame_extents() to work?

I've tried various placements of gtk_widget_show() and
similar but as yet to no avail.


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