Re: GtkComboBoxEntry alignment

Hi Matthias,

I did try this but there seems to be no way to set the internal field used for text rendering to my new text renderer. This needs to be set otherwise you get error messages printed to the console. I couldn't find a way of using my own cell renderer, it seems to be a limitation that I cannot access directly the one used by GtkComboBoxEntry. Now I could build my own widget from a GtkComboBox but that would defeat the point of having the GtkComboBoxEntry, it seems the API needs a gtk_combo_box_entry_get_text_renderer() to access the private field.

Thanks for your response


Matthias Clasen wrote:

Am Donnerstag, den 29.07.2004, 18:17 -0700 schrieb Ian King [ES]:

Is there anyway to access the GtkCellRenderer used for displaying the text of a GtkComboBoxEntry, by default the text is center aligned which is not what I want.

Thanks for your time

Have you tried to call gtk_cell_layout_clear() after
gtk_combo_box_entry_set_text_column() and add a text renderer yourself ?
(You have to call set_text_column() so that the combo box entry knows
which column to use when updating the contents of the entry when the user selects an item from the popup).

Regards, Matthias

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