RE : Proper way to provide gtk+ app with asynchronous data?

Well, if you meant you have one thread who sends the data (non necessarily graphical, eg: the one on your other machine), and one thread who displays it, you just can create another thread who reads it

      pthread_create(&thread_id, NULL, (void *(*)())readStatPaquets, NULL);



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Objet : Proper way to provide gtk+ app with asynchronous data?


I'm going to display graphically data that arrives from another machine. It must be displayed as soon as possible, so periodic polling does not suite my needs. How to implement this properly?

In my case there is one thread which receives data and an UI thread with an event loop, I think about making a new event source (g_source_new, I mean), is it correct or maybe there's a simpler solution?

Thank you.

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