Re: Xft problem during pango installation

At Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 06:13:00PM -0400, Mariusz wrote:
> During installation pango, ./configure brake process with that result:
> config.status: executing pango/module-defs-x.c commands
> config.status: executing pango/module-defs-fc.c commands
> config.status: executing pango/module-defs-win32.c commands
> configuration:
>         backends: FreeType X Xft
> [root localhost pango-1.4.0]# pkg-config --modversion xft
> 2.1.2
> [root localhost pango-1.4.0]#
> What this mean : backends :FreeType X Xft?
> According to last problem what during instaltion gtk+ I had missing pango or 
> xft, how we can above pango create file 
>                         pangoxft.pc 
> during installation.

It looks to me like a normal configure run with an informative message
about what backends (used by Pango itself to finally render and display
the text) will be built. Continue the install process. It should make
the pangoxft.pc file this time, because Xft is listed as a backend.

Chad Daelhousen
My opinions are my own, unless UB purchases my soul.

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