Re: pkg-config


The reason that setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/bin" isn't working
for you is that you need to set PKG_CONFIG when you invoke the

sh PKG_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/pkg-config ./configure 

The PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable, if you intend to use it, should be set
before invoking configure as well.  This variable, though, is not
intended (from what I've observed) for telling the configure script how
to locate pkg-config;  rather, it is used for telling pkg-config where
too look for the .pc files that pkg-config uses for storing data about

For an example of using PKG_CONFIG_PATH, when I build the gtk+
libraries, I have several libs that are installed in non-standard
locations.  For example, I keep my glib installations installed at
/et/sw/opensource/glib/2.2.3, and the .pc files for the installation are
kept in /et/sw/opensource/glib/2.2.3/lib/pkgconfig, so I invoke
configure as:

sh PKG_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/pkg-config
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/et/sw/opensource/glib/2.2.3/lib/pkgconfig ./configure

Hope this helps,

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 07:10, Serdar Ozgur ATA wrote:
> Hi,
> as an inexperienced person on Linux platform,  I try to build
> glib-2.2.3
> also gtk+-2.2.3 but I've received the error
> "pkg-config not found".
> for this purpose I've downloded these packages
> - pkgconfig-0.14.0.tar
> - glib-2.2.3.tar
> - gtk+-2.2.3.tar
> and also
> - atk-1.2.4.tar
> - pongo-1.2.5.tar
> in pkgconfig-0.14.0 directory
> with
> ./configure
> make
> make install sequence I build pkg-config then I can see that
> pkg-config is
> created in the directory "/usr/local/bin/" plus
> pkg-config.1 in "/usr/local/man/man1/"
> but I failed on trying to build glib+-2.2.3 because of  "pkg-config
> not
> found" error.
> also messages I saw are
> "aclocal-1.4 ... missing" and "automake-1.4 ... missing"
> one solution I found on the NET is to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH as
> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/bin/"
> but  doesn't work
> please help me...
> thanks a lot
> sata superonline com
> ata uekae tubitak gov tr
> Tel : 262 - 648 14 41

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