Re: gtk+-1.2.10 has memory leak?

I still want to ask something more about memory leak. Here I get some source of a function from the gtkwidget.c. Based on these source I wonder that maybe memory leak will happen, because rev_path is not freed after using g_realloc() to allocate memory for it.

And my suggestion to fix it is to add "g_free(rev_path);" at
the last line.

Sorry for bothering you some much times, but if I really has
some misunderstood here, would you be so kind to finger it out?
Thank you very much.
gtk_widget_class_path (GtkWidget *widget,
		       guint     *path_length_p,
		       gchar    **path_p,
		       gchar    **path_reversed_p)
 static gchar *rev_path = NULL;
 static guint  path_len = 0;
 guint len;
g_return_if_fail (widget != NULL);
 g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget));
len = 0;
     gchar *string;
     gchar *d, *s;
     guint l;
string = gtk_type_name (GTK_WIDGET_TYPE (widget));
     l = strlen (string);
     while (path_len <= len + l + 1)
	  path_len += INIT_PATH_SIZE;
	  rev_path = g_realloc (rev_path, path_len);
     s = string + l - 1;
     d = rev_path + len;
     while (s >= string)
	*(d++) = *(s--);
     len += l;
widget = widget->parent; if (widget)
	rev_path[len++] = '.';
	rev_path[len++] = 0;
 while (widget);
if (path_length_p)
   *path_length_p = len - 1;
 if (path_reversed_p)
   *path_reversed_p = g_strdup (rev_path);
 if (path_p)
     *path_p = g_strdup (rev_path);
     g_strreverse (*path_p);

 g_free(rev_path);// I wonder if it will be useless to add this line.


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