Re: gtk+-1.2.10 has memory leak?

> 1) We must use this version of gtk and I can't decide this. I know this
> is stupid but I have no choice.

OK then.

> 2) In fact I haven't met any memory leak and I'm a beginner at gtk. My
> manager asked me to do this work. So if I can find any material to prove
> that it's no need to fix gtk+-1.2.10, I'll be saved from that work. Can
> you give me some thing to prove this?

No, but gtk (any stable version) has a reputation of being
leak-free, so I'm suspecting faulty programming. What you need to
do first is to write a small program that demonstrates the
existence of the leak. If there is a leak, you can go about
fixing it.

The most important question is how your manager arrived at the
conclusion that gtk leaks memory. What are the symptoms? What
tools are being used? 

BTW I wrote a small gtk-1.2 program a while ago and leak-tested
it with ccmalloc. I found no leaks, but of course your
application might work differently.


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