GtkClist's probrem.


I found GtkClist has a problem at vertical-scrolled-bar.
Of course scrolled-bar belongs to scrolled-window on the clist.

Clist's vertical-scrolled-bar drops to end.
Clist's vertical-scrolled-bar is stopped at halfway.
And program adds or removes a clist's row hidden over clist's display-area.

My fellow worker checked gtk-source, and he found the bug.
He debugged gtk-source like this.
Debugged file is gtkclist.c, and version is gtk+2.0.2.

Is this debug right?
And, Did this problem solve at newest stable-version gtk+2.2.4? 


static void
adjust_adjustments (GtkCList *clist,
      if (clist->clist_window_width - clist->hoffset > LIST_WIDTH (clist) ||
	  (clist->hoffset + (gint)clist->hadjustment->value) != 0)
+         if(((clist->voffset + MAX (0, (LIST_HEIGHT (clist) -clist->clist_window_height))) <= 0)||
+             (clist->vadjustment->value == MAX (0, (LIST_HEIGHT (clist) -
+                                               clist->clist_window_height))))
+         {
	  clist->hadjustment->value = MAX (0, (LIST_WIDTH (clist) -
	  gtk_signal_emit_by_name (GTK_OBJECT (clist->hadjustment),
+         }

Atsuhiko Ikeda
atsuhiko_ikeda hitachi-com co jp

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