Re: API for iterating the g_hash_table


Tony Yat-Tung Cheung <dragonman asiayeah com> writes:

> Currently, there is g_hash_table_size(), we could easily add iteration
> by providing the following two new APIs,
> gconstpointer g_hash_table_get_key(GHashTable *hash_table, int pos);
> gconspointer g_hash_table_get_value(GHashTable *hash_table, int pos);
> The two APIs allows one to iterate the hash table, for example,
> for (i = 0; i < g_hash_table_size(hash_table); i++) {
>   gconstpointer value = g_hash_table_get_value(hash_table, i);
>   /* Do some processing here */
>   if (is_match(value))
>     return TRUE;
> }

This looks rather akward since it exposes internals like the position
of an element in the hash table. If this functionality is actually
needed (do you have a use case?), then it should be an extended
version of g_hash_table_foreach() that stops traversal when the
callback function returns TRUE (just like g_tree_foreach).


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