IPC between GTK objects

Hi all,

As part of a larger application, I currently have a
GTK 2.2 "main" display dialog that uses my .bashrc
file to launch it after the GNOME desktop is loaded. 
I intend to use this main display to show time from an
external source, the currently logged in user and
group the user belongs to.  I would like to use a
separately launched dialog to be able to change the
user at any time for the purposes of controlling
allowed operations.  Initially, it seems that the best
approach is to have the main display, login dialog and
time source all running their own process ID. I need
to have execution of the main display to be
non-blocking since I would like to have no
interruption of the time display when the user name
updates.  I'm not an IPC expert but have thought about
using signals for this application.  Does anyone know
if the GTK libraries have any IPC APIs or if there is
any other better way to handle the needed IPC calls
between PIDs.  Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Jerry Stahl


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