Some queries about 'configurability' of GtkButton.

Hi all,

In my app, I wanted to be able to have 'multi-function' buttons (a la XFig
for those old enough to remember this app) : basically, according to the
mouse button that is pressed to activate the Gtk button, the behaviour would
not be the same... The problem is that it seems that buttons only react to
left mouse clicks and to no others.

Then I told myself, 'oh well, you could try Shift-Click or Control-Click'
then... The problem here is that the event that generates the 'activate'
signal (basically, a mouse release while in the Button area) is not passed
to the 'activate' callback. So this does not work either...

Now my question : is it possible to do so ? If no, is it possible by
sub-classing the GtkButton class ? And the last question : if I need to
sub-class it, can I do so in Python :-) (as my program is a PyGTK app that
is planned to work both on Linux / Solaris and Win32).

Thanks and happy new Year.


PS: if you find this ugly UI-design wise, you can flame me privately :-)

		 Lionel Ulmer -

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