Re: what does --sync do?

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 10:31:14 PST, Peter Jay Salzman <p dirac org>  said:

> i think i remember reading that in order to save "bandwidth", X will
> sometimes cache events.  does --sync force X to send event as they occur
> and not cache them?

Almost but not quite.

What the X client code by default does is keep throwing requests as your code
generates them, but *NOT* waiting for replies.  This allows for much faster
operation, but has the drawback that if an X error is reported by the server, it
will come back later and be reported against some OTHER X call.

--sync disables the pipelining by calling XSync(), so each request waits for its
matching reply.  Performance drops considerably, but errors are reported on the
actual call that caused the problem.

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