Re: GTK Warning


Steve Slade <animaniaman earthlink net> writes:

> I'm very new to the world of UNIX having been introduced through my
> recent purchase of OS X. I am trying to find alternatives to programs
> such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I found the Gimp and Bluefish. I
> downloaded Fink and began installing GTK, Gimp, and Bluefish.
> I loaded the fourth CD Xcode Tools that came with Panther (OS X
> 10.3). I installed GTK from source through Finkcommander (I still am
> tied to GUI's) and then installed the other two programs in the same
> way.
> When I try to launch Gimp or Bluefish from a terminal window, I get
> this error:
> 	GTK-Warning **: Cannot open display: :0.0
> I have no idea what that means and no idea what to do now. I apologize
> if this has been asked before. I will search the archives as time
> permits as I know they contain a wealth of information. I do have a
> project that I need to complete soon which is why I'm asking the list.

You will need to start the X Server before you launch a GTK+ or any
other X11 application.


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