gtk+ 2.2.4 install: configure can't find image libraries

Hi all-

I'm trying to install gtk+ v2.2.4 on my Solaris 9 system, but the configure script is missing all of my image libraries:

checking whether to build gmodulized gdk-pixbuf... yes
checking whether dynamic modules work... yes
checking for TIFFReadScanline in -ltiff... no
checking for TIFFWriteScanline in -ltiff... no
checking for TIFFFlushData in -ltiff34... no
configure: WARNING: *** TIFF plug-in will not be built (TIFF library not found) ***
configure: error:
*** Checks for TIFF loader failed. You can build without it by passing
*** --without-libtiff to configure but some programs using GTK+ may
*** not work properly

I disabled libtiff and tried again. This time it was libjpeg that could not be found. I disabled both libtiff and libjpeg, but now libpng couldn't be found.

I searched the archives and found a suggestion of passing in CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include and CFLAGS="-g -I/usr/local/include" to configure, but that did not help my problem.

I am positive that installed the TIFF, JPEG, and PNG libraries. And I'm pretty sure that it was done correctly.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

-Micah Abbott

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