Dropline Gnome = easy path to v2.4

Hello all,

After battling for over a week with manually installing all the packages to upgrade to Gnome 2.4, and finding it incredibly difficult (and eventually impossible (without pouring substantial amounts of time into it)), I tried Dropline Gnome.

If you use Slackware, and you'd like to upgrade Gnome, I highly recommend the Dropline system, at www.dropline.net. It automatically downloads all the required packages and installs them. It went without a hitch (well, almost; there is a bug in the scrollkeeper package that made it hang, and as a workaround I manually installed the sgml-tools package from the Slackware CD before installing dropline), and quickly -- just about 90 minutes for the whole process.

After exiting X and rebooting (not "required" but it was recommended), Gnome 2.4 popped up without any problems.


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