Re: Is gtkhtml == libgtkhtml?

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Anthony wrote:

> Installing Gnome 2.4, and this page lists the packages:
> ...and this page holds the tarballs:
> The list mentions gtkhtml, but no such package exists; however there's
> one called libgtkhtml.
> Is that the same package?  Of course it seems like it, but I don't want
> to mess anything up by assuming it is, if there's actually some
> distinction that I don't know about.

Indeed it is the same package. Or, at least, if you install that, things
will work... assuming you figure out the correct build order.

I'll post the bugs I've found with building 2.4 to the desktop-devel list,
and hopefully they'll get fixed on the release notes.

-- m

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