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I've used stuff with progress monitors like:

update_progress_bar(double tp)
  while (gtk_events_pending()) gtk_main_iteration();
  return progress_rc;

which is called every so many cycles of the loop that does the work. (I set "every so many cycles" such that the update gets called like 50 times over the course of the execution. If you call it too fast -- like on every loop -- screwy things happen.)

I expect you can update a status bar the same way -- the critical thing is the "while (gtk_events_pending()) gtk_main_iteration();" which updates the display "on the fly" rather than waiting for the completion of the process.

I'm not all that familiar with statusbar_push, but I expect an over-write would be better than a push.

The returned progress_rc is set by a callback that catches the progress bar cancel button, allowing the user to stop things if desired. You could probably build a separate cancel button to do that.

You can check the existance of a file with the "stat" library function; check the stat man page.

Chris Moller
Senior Tinker
Red Hat, Inc.

P.S. -- I haven't any idea what your native language is, but you seem to be doing English better than most native English speakers.

SMS WebMaster wrote:

I am new in GTK programming and I think GTK is very nice and easy but I have few question I hope if someone can answer any of them.

1. How can I refresh a window in my program to show some text in the statusbar before my program do a big job. (In another word, how can I make "DoEvents" in GTK like Visual Basic)


system("find / -name *.log -print");


2. Where can I download in html format. (the URL can't be found !!!)

3. How can I check if a file exist. (Is there any function in GTK to do that. if not then please how can I do it in C)

4. How can I put a text from clipboard to a text box (and make sure that the clipboard contain a text).

Thank you and sorry for my poor english.

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