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On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 15:05, Philippe wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a dialog with three treeviews and one treemodel filled with the
> names of all the users for the system. I'd like the three treeviews to
> use the same treemodel. yet they must not display the same users.
> my question is : is there a way to filter the rows of a treemodel which
> are goint to be displayed by a particular treeview??

AFAIK, no. But you can hack away by defining a treemodel with a bunch of
columns. Treeview A would show users in column A, Treeview B would show
column B, Treeview C would show column C. Each extra column of your
treemodel would also have to be triplicate to associate to A, B or C.

Then you would have to deal with empty rows when the number of users % 3
!= 0. 

Probably not a good idea...

> Thanks for any help
> Philippe Rouquier
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