strange thing about expose gtk_drawing_area

hi all:
	I new a gtk_drawing_area ,add configure_event,expose_event for it,and pack it in a box using gtk_box_pack_start(), I 'll draw something on the drawing_area every period of time, so I add gtk_timeout_add(time, GtkFunction(display_something), (gpointer)drawing_area), In the function display_something() it will activate to call expose_event() when using gdk_window_invalidate_rect(), it runs ok when I add only one gtk_drawing_area on the box, when I add another gtk_drawing_area in the same box, the second gtk_drawing_area does not call expose event when I use gdk_window_invalidater_rect to activate the expose event . do you meet my problem?

 I 'll appreciated to hear from you. 
alula mail15 com

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