RE: why is gtk install so difficult?

> Steve Grimaud wrote:
> I tried building a program from source (jpilot) on RH9 (shrike). I 
> encountered a "problem" with not finding GTK+ 2.0.0 or higher 
> (although 
> I believe it's somewhere on my computer).

If you don't know whether, or where, it's installed, and you don't know how
to find out, you shouldn't be messing with source installs. You're likely to
break things.

> I then downloaded 
> GTK+; then 
> glib, pango, and atk+, since they had to be updated; then pkg-config, 
> since it wasn't the most uptodate (according to the other 
> configure/make/make install error messages). I know I installed atk+, 
> but GKT+ tells me it can't find it.

You probably didn't install the devel rpms. You shouldn't be installing the
program from source if you don't know about devel rpms.

> I give up. You have to have more than a basic understanding of the 
> operating system and general installation procedures for 
> programs to get 
> these all to build and install.

Well done. Try the rpms for a simpler life.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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