Re: why is gtk install so difficult?

 --- Andreas Kostyrka <andreas mtg co at> skrev: > On
Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 11:54:24PM -0700, Tara
> Milana wrote:
> > Dear, we're talking about compiling, packages
> often require
> > things users do not have (usually users with older
> systems).
> > Why should someone have to upgrade everything just
> to install
> > one thing?
> Well, it's that or bloating gtk into working in many
> variations
> (older libraries might miss features gtk needs, they
> may have bugs that
> make it unpracticable to use them, they might need
> obscure workarounds,
> and so on.)
> So it does make sense to require certain minimal
> versions of
> dependencies, even if it makes it a pain in the ass
> to compile :(
> Andreas

I agree, it makes sense.
i rather wait 10 extra minutes to compile all
gtk-dependencies then having a (so far) 5 day problem
compiling gtk only because i wanted to install the
latest gimp.


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