Clarification on Glib Thread-Safe Operation

My project makes extensive use of what I believe are glibs non thread related functions and types.  The wording of the documentation concerning glib thread safe operation has left me confused.

The documentation states glib must be compiled with the macro 'G_THREADS_ENABLED' defined for thread safe operation.

..."This macro is defined, if GLib was compiled with thread support. This does not necessarily mean, that there is a thread implementation available, but the infrastructure is in place and once you provide a thread implementation to g_thread_init(), GLib will be multi-thread safe. It isn't and cannot be, if G_THREADS_ENABLED is not defined."...

Later on the documentation for 'g_thread_init()'  states,

..."Before you use a thread related function in GLib, you should initialize the thread system. This is done by calling g_thread_init(). Most of the time you will only have to call g_thread_init(NULL)."...

To me thread safe operation and the use of glib thread related functions are two distinct configuration issues.  The documentation seems to mix them.
This is my confusion.

My project is a library that uses the 'g_slist_' calls extensively, calls I believe that are not thread related.  My project library must be thread safe.  The version of glib we are using does not have 'G_THREADS_ENABLED' defined.  Is my project library thread safe within the context of its use of glib's 'g_slist_' calls?

Put another way,  is glibs 'g_slist_' calls thread safe without 'G_THREADS_ENABLED' defined?


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