Re: Slow Rendering?


"Dennie, Brooke" <BDennie cas org> writes:

> I have an application that works perfectly, but rendering is
> extremely slow (bringing up the application takes over 8
> seconds, a popup window takes a little over 4). While I
> realize that it isn't necessarily a guarantee that this is the
> problem, stepping through the application with gdb shows that
> the bulk of this (4-5 seconds) occurs when I try to show the
> top widgets. However, if I take out all changes to the
> background colors and fonts, the time drops to 3 seconds to
> bring up the applicaton and < 1 second for popup windows. I
> don't know if changing these via the rc file is faster, but
> that option isn't available to me anyway since I won't know
> what colors or fonts to use until run-time. Any ideas on
> what's going on? I can supply some code if necessary.
> Thanks for any help!
> Brooke
> PS - I'm working on a sparc ultra 5 that runs Solaris 8, BUT
> the application is running from a window where I've ssh'd to a
> linux terminal that runs redhat 9 with a 2.4.20-18.9 kernel

It would help if you mentioned the version of GTK+ you are using and
perhaps which Pango backend is in use.


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