Re: (GObject) What are "properties"?


dhaude physnet uni-hamburg de writes:

> what are the "properties" of GObjects, how are they used, and how
> are they different from the things that can be stored/retrieved
> via g_object_set/get_data() ? I've once tried, just for giggles,
> g_object_set(G_OBJECT(some_gtk_widget), "foo", "bar", NULL);
> and got a segfault.

Does your object "some_gtk_widget" have a property named "foo" that
takes a string value? If not, it is not surprising that the call
fails. It's a bit surprising that it crashes; I'd have expected a

> Which brings me to the point, is anybody working on the
> documentation of GObject at all? Of course I know this is all open
> source stuff, written and maintained by volunteers, so I'm far from
> complaining about lack of documentation. Just curious.

Mathieu is doing a nice job on GObject documentaion. See


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