Multine tab in notebook


I've an idea for gtk, if it's not already done, in notebook, possibly to
set multiline tab

Because in my xchat as example, all my tabs over the screen width, and I have
to use the session tree to show all channels...

And I will need it for some projects which need lots of page directly accessible.

a screen example made with gimp by me is available here:

Sylvain Rochet

Gtk+ monopoly simulator:
Quick and Dirty Messaging Protocol:
The European Commission (CEC) proposes to legalise the granting
of patents on computer programs as such in Europe and wholesale
adoption of the american practise of unlimited patentability.
TCPA/Palladium is a new technology which propose to created
computers remote-controlled. With that you can't install any
software and have any files you want. Micro$oft is going to
control all computers users with this technology. Please
boycott micro$oft and don't give money to them !

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