Defining Callback without arguments

I have defined a callback function for "clicking" of a
button. I have not used the normal form of 

   callback(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data).

Instead, I have used a callback without any arugments.
(See the example given below).

My question is 

"Is there anything wrong in doing so, when I do not
need to dereference the widget or the data?"

My program is working perfectly fine. I just want to
find out, if there could be some potentional problems
with my program.

My code is as under:

 void anyfunc()
  g_print("Reached here.\n");

  button = gtk_button_new_with_label("SEND");
  gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(hbox), button, TRUE,
TRUE, 10);
  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(button), "clicked",

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