Re: How to get Greek input in a Gtk+ 2.2 program?

Linus Walleij <triad df lth se> wrote on 16/06/2003 (09:49) :
> Strictly speaking this is a GNOME question, not a GTK question, but
> anyway.

Sure, but the problem still remains that while a lot of new apps are
being developed with UTF8 support it is kind of hopeless that there are
no program which can be used independant of Desktop choice to switch
keyboards. It should be put in Xfree86 I think.

> On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, Preben Randhol wrote:
> > Are there any keyboard switcher that does this for Linux?
> In GNOME 2.2 you should be able to find a program in the lower panel
> called "keyboard switcher". If it is not there, right-click the lower
> panel, choose "add to panel", "tools", "keyboard switcher". Then
> right click the cool icon to configure available keyboards.

I have never understood what that is good for because it has never
worked and as I tested it now on a different computer with the Gnome 2.2
RAM muncher it still does not work. Only difference is that now it
remembers it settings from last time I logged on. I guess KDE has
something similar (perhaps better), however I use neither Gnome nor KDE
on my old computer as it has 96Mb RAM.

> > And does anybody know if the keyboard switcher on Microsoft Windows
> > works with Gtk 2.x?
> Hum hum... I can't quite figure out how you believe that this should
> work, but keep to the above approach.

What? I'm talking about if I run my program on Windows. Windows has a
far better solution at the moment for keyboard switching than any Linux
Desktops. The only difference is that I'm not sure it outputs UTF-8 or
latinX etc...
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