Re: Uninstall GLIB 2.2.1

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 06:32, Gerald Wong wrote:
> Ok, this is what i've gathered:
> glib-2.2.1 is included with RedHat 9
> It can't be uninstalled because it fails the dependencies check

Right.  RedHat 9 comes with both 1.2.10 and 2.2.1.  Glib 2 is quite an
overhaul from GLib 1, so you need both installed to run both old GTK 1
apps and new GTK 2 apps.  The package name for GLib 2 is glib2, not
glib, so if you're trying to find the version with rpm, you should be
doing 'rpm -qi glib2'.

And you can't just remove GLib.  Every GTK app, including every Gnome
app, depends on it.

> How do i overwrite it with a glib compiled from source?

First of all, you should really update the RPM database after installing
GLib from source, unless you don't plan on using RPMs anymore.  Having
an inconsistancy on such a fundamental library is not good.

99.999% of the time somebody gets errors like the ones you gave, it's
because it's installed in the wrong place.  GLib could be installed in
any number of places (/usr, /usr/local, /opt/gnome, etc.) and I don't
know what its default is.  RedHat likes this stuff to be in /usr.  You
probably did:

make install

which very may have put GLib in /usr/local.  You should try

./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

which will put it in /usr.  If this is the problem, you probably want to
remove the GLib installed in the wrong place (likely /usr/local).  It
won't hurt anything, but it's wasting disk space.  To do that, you need
only make uninstall.

make uninstall

Please make sure to rerun configure without the --prefix option so that
it will uninstall from the default prefix (again, likely /usr/local),
and not from /usr, where you've just installed it.  In fact, just be
completely safe and remove the directory you used to build GLib in /usr,
then do make uninstall from a fresh untarring.  You'll be very unhappy
if you find yourself without GLib.

> Don't worry, i've solved the problem. Just wait for the RPM to come out.

Probably wise.  If you don't feel like waiting for an RPM officially
blessed by RedHat, you can go to NyQuist's wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful collection of RPMs.  He maintains a repository of all the
latest Gnome-related RPMs, all built on RedHat 9.  GLib 2.2.2 is on

Did I mention it's wonderful?


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