There some way to overlap text in a pixmap ?

Hello all,
I'm developing an application in GTK2 & C language that has some buttons in your interface,
these buttons has pixmaps inside them occupying all button dimensions with some text inside 
to explain the button function, when the button is selected your pixmap backgound color change to another color, 
all application will have a large number of these buttons, and to do these button I have to make each
pixmap with the text inside (using Gimp) and your selected version with another color;
I want to know if I can make only 2 pixmaps (selected color & not selected color) and with some way, overlap the
text (GtkLabel ?) on the pixmap, changing this text dynamically with my code.

Thanks for all help and excuse-me for my bad english (I'm from Brazil);

Flavio Alberto Lopes Soares 

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