No gdk_window_add_filter_after ?

Hi All,

Is there no such function ?
I'm interested in intercepting WM_NAME property changes on a Gtk 2.2.2
socket->plug_window. I'm embedding my gtksocket into a notebook, and I'd like
to set the label on the notebook page to the WM_NAME property
of the embedded window.

However the current filter function which is defined in gtksocket.c, removes PropertyNotify events it doesn't like.

Therefor I want to add my custom filter function *before* the gtksocket.c
filter. However, there is no GDK function to prepend a filter, only append.

Therefor I have to emulate a prepend by removing the old filter, installing
my filter, then re-installing the old filter.

The problem is, that the old filter is defined as a static function in gtksocket.c
and is not accessible from my user code, so I can't do the above ...

How can I accomplish this ?
Any thoughts (maybe add a special signal to a GtkSocket like GTK_SOCKET_PROP_CHANGED) ?



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