Re: GtkFB is stable ?


Stephane Wirtel <stephane wirtel belgacom net> writes:

> with gtk+-2.2, the extension "--enable-fbmanager" is stable ?
> because, i would like to create a program with gtk+-2.2 without the
> XFree server, 

if you want to run multiple applications on the linux frame buffer
device, I'd suggest you use GTK+-DirectFB. There is no 2.2 version yet
but I am working on it. You can download the 2.0.8 release from This release needs DirectFB-0.9.15.
I will make a 2.0.9 release for the brandnew DirectFB 0.9.16 this
weekend or early next week.

DirectFB handles access to the frame buffer from multiple applications
if you configured it using the --enable-multi configure switch. Please
check the README for more information or ask on the directfb-users

Salut, Sven

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