gtk_image_new_from_file and mmap


I'm stuck with a strange problem.

I'm writing a gtk+-2.0 code as a user interface
for a (VME based) data acquisition system.

After starting my program, it reads an image like this:

    my_image = gtk_image_new_from_file ("image.jpg");

This works fine in itself, I see the image after the gtk_widget_show command.
Later on, in another (rather unrelated) part of the code I do:

#define dev "/dev/btp32"

...many lines...

  /* open VME device*/
    if ((fd = open(dev,O_RDWR)) < 0){
     perror("Error opening VME device");
  /* map BIT3 dual port memory */
    bufp=(int *)mmap((caddr_t)0,len,PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE|PROT_EXEC,MAP_SHARED,fd,offset);
    if(errno) {
      perror("mmap: failed");

The error I get is:
mmap: failed: No such file or directory

After some testing, I found that the mmap call works fine, but only if
I remove the 'my_image...' line in the code. It also works
if I remove (or rename) the image, so that it cannot be read.

How can gtk_image_new_from_file and mmap be 'colliding'?

The image is only 11k and I have 512Mb RAM.
I run debian linux (woody), kernel 2.2.20.

I don't know if this is GTK+ related, but I hope someone
here could help me.



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