Re: Difference in font layout heights?

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 11:36, Lars Clausen wrote:
> In working on using a TextView widget for editing text in Dia, I notice
> that there's a significant difference in the height of multi-line text,
> about 12%.  We use the FT2 backend for internal Dia rendering, but the
> TextView of course uses either the gdk renderer or xft, depending on the
> GDK_USE_XFT setting.  The length of the text is unaffected.  We use
> pango_ft2_render_layout to do the whole rendering, while GtkTextView uses
> gtk_text_layout_draw, which does line-by-line rendering.  Is the line space
> wrong in one or the other of these?

Are you setting language tags on your text? (See
gtk_get_default_language()). If you don't set a language tag, GTK+ is
going to leave enough spacing for "any" language in many cases.

There are also some issues with pango_ft2_render_layout(); see:

But unless you are setting the spacing attribute, shouldn't make a 


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