Re: Help with gtk+ C programming

Andres Mauricio Jaramillo Ramirez <webmaster anuncien com> writes:

> Hello, I'm from Colombia. I'm a new GTK programmer and i have not many
> experience with this. I wish to know how i can connect to mysql server
> from GTK+ or c programming.  My english is too bad, but sincerily want
> someone understand the message and can help me.

You need to use a database client library.  You can use the mysql C
library (see the documentation), or use a more generic library, such
as libgda or unixODBC.  (Personally, I use libpqxx for PostgreSQL).

This doesn't involve GTK+ at all.  If you want integration of the
database with your UI, have a look at gnomedb.  I prefer to keep this
logic in the model, rather than the interface, though.


Roger Leigh

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