Re: hide titlebar

I'm already use gtk_window_set_decorated, but in 1280x1024 in my screen
occurs this effect, if I use in my screen 1024x768 works fine, I believe
that X, Gtk, Gnome, whatever stay "loosed" with this resolution,

Well, if I kill gnome-panel in my Gnome environment my program works
fine, strange...

thanks for all help

Em Dom, 2003-11-30 às 13:23, Flavio Alberto Lopes Soares (MAQPLAS)
> Yes, it's true, but I use it in my application (Gtk+2.4, I don't know
> sub-version) in Gnome2.4 (Debian Unstable) and I order to put this
> window in the screen center, the program insists be placed in left upper
> corner, but if I kill gnome-panel (or run inside xinit not Gnome) and
> re-execute my app it is placed correctly in center screen.
> My program will run only in X (outside any window manager) for a
> industrial application and this is doesn't a problem, but during
> development it's bothering me.
> This is a Gtk+ bug, a Gnome bug or a gnome-panel bug ?
> Who I should to inform ?
> Thanks for all
> Em Dom, 2003-11-30 às 11:20, Dave Smith escreveu:
> > On Sunday 30 November 2003 05:49, francex tiscali it wrote:
> > > Is it possible with GDK/GTK libs, hide titlebar in application? Eventually
> > > how?
> > 
> > Try:
> > 	gtk_window_set_decorated(GTK_WINDOW(main_window),FALSE);
> >
> > 
Flavio Alberto Lopes Soares
flavio maqplas com br

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