Urgent!! GTK+ in Linux Console with Framebuffer support

Hi all,

1) First I tried running GTK+2.0 in X11. It works fine. I want to run "XAWTV", TV viewer when I click a Button in the widget. But when I
click the button in the widget the following is displayed.

This is xawtv-3.88, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.20)
Error: Shell widget Button 1 has zero width and/or height

How to rectify this ?

2) Then I had compiled the vanilla kernel 2.4.20 with frame buffer
support. I had executed GTK+ programs using DirectFB. What I want is to execute GTK+ programs without using DirectFB in Linux Console. Say suppose I coded a program which on execution display a gtk widget with command buttons. I should get that widget when I execute the program in linux console. And then as usual events can be triggered. Is this possible ? GTK widgets in Framebuffer without using DirectFB. If so
how to do this ?

If I follow the instructions in the following link will I can solve
the querry 2 ?

With Regards,
S.Suriya Mohan
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