Re: Can someone explain this?

jean-marc Harang wrote:
Le Lundi 9 Septembre 2002 22:20, Jim Buzbee a écrit :

In order to track some performance issues, I've been "stracing" a
program that makes gtk calls. The following is a portion of the output
that I'm curious about.

The snippet below is a result of a call to  gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm

Specifically does anyone know why the exact same _llseek call is
repeated several hundred times?

Can you be more accurate ? What version of Gtk,


which filesystem


and even which distros  ?

It's a custom distribution with Linux kernel 2.4.8

Do you have a look at the source code ?...

I have not dug into the source code for gdk, but the application is calling :


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