Re: windows_icon .. how to?

Joost Faassen wrote:
> calmar wrote:
>>I found the function:
>>iconw = gdk_image_new_from_file ("icon.xpm");
>>but it still don't work.
>>Well actually I make the program in MSWindows..maybe this is the
>> should work now, isn it?
> Hi Calmar,
> Did you ever get this to work ? I am experiencing the same problem, also
> on windows. I'm using mingw on linux to build a win32 executable. I can't
> seem to change the icon on the windows of this application in any way.
> I've tried all suggestions in this thread already...

Does wingimp manage this? If it does you could steal some code. I've not 
managed to get an icon to display for the win32 build of my prog yet 
either :-(



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