Re: Gtk execution question

Maybe I was not clear in my previous message :
I connect the "clicked" event as shown in the code, but
my problem is I don't want to show the "file selection dialog"
and "window" togheter.

I wish to show the "window" only when the "ok button" is pressed !
To do this a need to stop the GTK execution !

How ?

But GTK shows the "file selection dialog" and the "window" without
waiting OK button is pressed :(

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lorenzo zampese electrolux it writes:

> (e.g. in the handler function I will change 'my_test_variable' into 0
> when the "ok button" is pressed).
> When 'my_test_variable' changes value GTK should go on and making
> How can obtain this kind of behavior ?

what about connecting to the "clicked" signal of the OK button?

 Salut, Sven

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